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The Importance of Cleaning Clogged Downspouts

Downspouts are comprised of the piping that diverts rain water from the rain gutters down the house andDenver Gutter Cleaning - Clogged Rain Gutter and Downspout BEFORE eventually out and away from the foundation.  Clogged downspouts can cause rain water to back up and flow over the edge of the gutters.  This can cause damage to siding, foundations, landscape, and can even cause flooding in and around the house. Living in many of the older areas of Denver I have seen the water damage that can occur do to clogged downspouts. Many Denver homes are so close if your neighbors gutters are not working properly the rain water can flow into your foundation breaking down the old brick.

The downspouts are typically clogged at the top entrance with leaves, twigs, bird nests, pet toys, roof debris, etc.  Downspouts can also be clogged internally.  Often times debris gets stuck at one of the elbows in the downspout and then starts to build up.  Not only does this block the flow of rain water it can also cause permanent damage to the downspout.  When the water and debris that is stuck inside the downspout freezes and then expands the downspout can split  open. 

When Denver Gutter Cleaning cleans your gutters, we ensure that all of your Denver Gutter Cleaning Debris at the end of a downspout after being cleaneddownspouts are working properly.  We remove the debris that is clogging the downspout by hand.  If the clog is internal, we start by flushing the downspout out with a high pressure water hose.  If this does not Denver Gutter Cleaning - Rain Gutter and Downspout AFTER being cleanedloosen the debris, we use a plumber's snake and run this down the downspout.  If the downspout is still clogged, we disassemble the downspout and remove the debris by hand.  We then put the downspout back together and ensure that it is in good working order.  

Where the downspout diverts the rain water to is also very important.  A common issue I see is rain water being dumped directly next to the house.  At the end of the downspout there should be an extension or splash block that carries the water at least 4-5 feet away from the house.  I see many extensions that are damaged and not working properly.  Extensions are often Denver Gutter Cleaning - A crushed downspout extensiontimes stepped on and crushed.  Others are designed to fold up so they are out of a pathway, but never get put back down.  Denver Gutter Cleaning can install, repair or replace these extensions when needed.









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