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The Best Gutter Cleaning Tools and Equipment

Gutters are designed to catch rain water flowing off your roof and as many of you know they catch everything else that falls on your roof such as leaves, twigs, dirt, and seeds.  The one thing I have learned in cleaning gutters for the past five years in Denver is that there is always something in the gutters.  At Denver Gutter Cleaning, we have seen it all!  Dog toys, kid's toys, bird nests, roof debris, you name it.  So, what are the best gutter cleaning tools and equipment to keep your gutter system clear of debris?

If you do a Google search for gutter cleaning tools, you will find a wide variety of equipment designed to make the process easier.  There are robots that clean your gutters.  There are magic water wands that scour your gutters clean.  There are Cougar Paws and Roof Boots.

In most cases, the desire to get dirty and a stubborn pride can get the job done. Testing many of these products I have found the tried and true gutter scoop, designed to simply scoop out the debris, and a pair of good gloves to be some of the best gutter cleaning tools around.  You can purchase both of these gutter cleaning tools at your local Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Ace home improvement stores. 

The next essential gutter cleaning tool is a good ladder.  It needs to be able to hold your weight and be sturdy.  In most cases, you will be working from the ladder so safety is important here.  I use a 16’ or 20' adjustable ladder and lean it against the gutter at a slight angle.  I also attach ladder levelers to the feet of my ladder to make it even more sturdy. Put some padding between the gutter and the ladder so as not to scratch the paint off the gutters.  You may need a taller ladder if your home is two stories or higher.  However, I would strongly suggest hiring a professional gutter cleaning service if your home falls into this category. Two story steep roofs are common in older cities like Denver. Most professionals will be experienced and insured. You will use the ladder to climb up to the gutter, scoop the debris out, and put it in a strong leaf bag or bucket. 

The next piece of gutter cleaning equipment I use is a leaf blower to blow out the small stuff.  You can also wash the gutters clean with a garden hose and sprayer, but this can be messy and not necessary in most cases. 

The last thing to remember is to make sure your downspouts are clear.  I always run a hand plumber’s snake down to assure they are clear. 

You can buy fancy gutter cleaning tools or the simplest, but it all comes down to making sure your gutter system works properly in the rain, snow, and freezing temperatures.  Denver Gutter Cleaning is a professional, full service gutter cleaning company.  We have the tools and equipment necessary to maintain the integrity of your gutter system.  

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